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hittin' ya in the blink of an eye

.:: Clarice ::.
14 February
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OOC Journal: sixwhitelies

Code Name: Blink
Real Name: Clarice Ferguson
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Colorado, United States
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known.
Hair: Scarlet
Eyes: White
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Features: Lavender skin, scarlet markings around the eyes
Powers/Skills: Ability of spacial displacement (she can teleport, and displace matter out of sync with reality), accompanied by a "blink" sound effect. This ability could be used to neutralize an opponent by temporarily displacing them into pieces. The effects of her power on living beings varied from brief unconsiousness to death. Her lavender darts teleport whatever they strike.

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*is trendy* lavenderxdarts has kissed...
.::xloganx (truth or dare)
.::babys_on_fire (truth or dare)

...and that's it. What a pathetic little list. (( asdjskdl AND ONE OF THEM IS ME. *cries* )) I think something needs to be done about this...

Blink belongs to Marvel. I'm only borrowin' her for GenXrp, a roleplaying community. And Alicia Witt doesn't belong to me or Marvel, she belongs to her sexy self. So please don't sue me ^_~