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hittin' ya in the blink of an eye
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Clarice is far from the mansion when she realizes that she has no intention of going back. There isn't anyone left there for her anymore, not really. Illyana, her dearest friend, had left not too long ago...she hadn't seen Lorna lately either...and Piotr, well.
Clarice sighs, closing her eyes for a brief moment, his face instantly appearing in her mind, his words flooding her ears...Hi there!...You'll get noticed, you sure are pretty...Right now. You, me, Powerpuff Girls....Smack me again...Maybe I need someone...amazing, and wonderful, who draws and likes third eye blind, opens bottles with her teeth, funny and does that blinkie thing...and to be just my own?...I would be bad for you...It doesn't matter what I am trying to say...Run, Clarice.
When Clarice opens her eyes again, her knuckles are white from clutching the steering wheel. She pulls over quickly, wiping at her eyes furiously, before reaching into the backseat and pulling out some paper.

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It seems like everyone and everything going on lately has been passing me by. I haven't seen several people in a few days...I'm guessing they've taken off again...

I'm also getting the feeling there's going to be quite the bit of angst around here in the not-too-distant future. Hmm.

...maybe I should take a vacation. I'm doing pretty good in my classes, I've got all my work done for the week...maybe I'll go for a drive and see where I end up.

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I've been so busy lately, I haven't seen anyone other than in classes. My classes are great, especially Art and English. Easily my favorites. My bookbag tore today though, but I managed to get everything together and get to class on time. I don't think I'll ever be late, and I think I can vouch for Kitty and Pie on that note also. Teleportation is great, but watching Kitty phase through classrooms is classic, I keep waiting for her to phase through a professor.

Theresa's gone. The room is so quiet without her. Well, its been like that for a while, but she's usually blaring her music all the time...I miss her. I hope she comes back.

...although...now I can paint the walls green, like I've been wanting to.

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Clarice rummages through her Urban Outfitters bag, going through her purchases and pulling out the gifts. Neatly folding each shirt (one,two,three) and wrapping it with a thin sheet of tissue paper, tucking it back into a small flashy bag bearing the store name with a little silver box containing a necklace. Clarice sets the bag on Theresa's bed and makes her own, tucking the sheets over her pillows to make it easy to climb into when she got back. She closes the door behind her and slips downstairs into the kitchen, rolling up her sleeves and filling the sink.

Clarice's other purchasesCollapse )

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I've been holed up in my room for way too long...damn muses. I've been painting all week. I don't know what I'm going to do when school starts.

...so fill me in. What's been going on since I've been gone?

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Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Laynia and I are going again tomorrow, if anyone wants to join us.

Green tee
Silver sheer top
Khaki pants
Green tank with velvet trim
White cami
Plain white v-neck

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I'm going to play detective with Pietro and Laynia! *flaunts image inducer* I'm not purple! No staring! Thanks Raven. <3

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A large cardboard box sits on Piotr’s bed, his name written across the top in a Sharpie. Upon opening it he would have to go through three other boxes: one wrapped in the Sunday comics, another in aluminum foil, and the final box was once white. Painted on by her amateur hand was Van Gogh’s Starry Night, all around the box. Inside amongst dozens of foam peanuts was the Third Eye Blind cd of the same name, bags of peanut butter M & Ms, a letter, and the sketch she’d been working on for nearly a week. A metal hand, fingers outstretched as if reaching for something out of view. It was extremely defined, every detail sketched by a steady hand, and the metal sheen was easily visible. A neat artist’s signature was scrawled a little to the right where the wrist ended. The letter was sealed in a silver envelope, the inside containing a short letter written in purple ink, with a handful of confetti glitter hidden inside.

the letter reads...Collapse )

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Clarice lays on her stomach, sprawled out on the floor of Nate and Piotr's room. Amongst various canvases, bottles of paint, and brushes, she has a half-painted, half-white box in front of her, surrounded by newspaper. Streaks of blue, yellow, orange and white paint stain her lavender skin...on her nose, cheeks, hands, arms, legs. A stereo set up nearby begins to play Third Eye Blind, and as Clarice swirls her brush in yellow paint, she softly begins singing along...

...when we met light was shed...

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Current Music: [[deep inside of you]] 3EB

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